About Alberta Provincial Gymkhana Association (APGA)

Providing Family FUN since 1984!

The Alberta Provincial Gymkhana Association (APGA) started in 1984 with many meetings, tons of organizing and most of all leg-work.

The first APGA gymkhana was held at Swan Hills in May of 1985 and has been providing families with the sport of gymkhana ever since. We have tried to provide over the years a solid foundation of the sport and the grouping of family's big and small always remembering that you don't have to be a rider to come and have fun.

Alberta Provincial Gymkhana Association has five timed events:


  • Barrels: Riders enter at the red line, circle around the 1st barrel, proceed to the 2nd barrel, and then continue on to the 3rd where they will complete the pattern and finally exit the course crossing the red line a second time. This pattern is often referred to as a "Cloverleaf" The pattern may also begin with the left barrel first.
  • Poles: A rider and horse run past a timer line to the end of a line of six poles, then turn the end pole and weave down through the pattern, again turn at the last pole and weave back up, then run back home across the timer line. The fastest time will win.
  • Stakes: Stakes to be set 100 feet apart with start and finish line (same) midway between the set of stakes. From a standing start at the starting line, horse must completely cross the starting line before making a right hand pivot. Proceed to a left hand turn around the first stake, then a right hand turn around the second stake, left hand turn around the first stake, then rush to the starting  line (midway between stakes) to finish. Pattern maybe reversed (mirror image).
  • Key-hole for the Pre-pee-wees, Pee-wees and Juniors: The keyhole is a 20 foot diameter circle with a slot 4 feet wide and 10 feet long. A starting line is set 100 feet back from the mouth of the slot. A rider is timed from crossing the line, running through the slot, turning and running out through the slot and back across the finish line. Horse must not step on the white marked lines. A judge is appointed to watch for stepping on or over the lines.
  • Flags for the Intermediates, Women under 36, Women over 36, Men and Seniors: Course to be set up with four flag stakes in a straight line 10 feet apart. A container to hold flags to be set 50 feet away from the first flag and 20 feet  from the start line. A rider crosses the line and runs to first flag, picks it up, returns to barrel and drops flag in barrel and continues consecutively up the row of flags. After the fourth flag is deposited, crosses the finish line. A rider may start on either side of the flags but must continue picking flags from the same side throughout.

Alberta Provincial Gymkhana AssociationProviding Family Fun Since 1984!

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